Security starts with behavior

Reframing the human-security relationship

The Portal creates a replication of a corporate WIFI network, allowing employees to access remotely all work files and ERP systems in a fully secure manner.

We utilize security coupled with behaviour improvement techniques to ensure that the weakest link of the security chain (the user) is fully protected at all time.

The Portal surpasses all present VPN offers by being the only plug and play device on the market that in the same time improves users’ online performance and significantly reduces the cyber risk for the company as a whole.


Corporate Hotspot

Creates a copy of the corporate network and all user devices are connected automatically!

Detects Threats & Endpoint Security

The Portal is able to detect and block threats, it’s not a simple firewall/VPN!

Hybrid VPN & Smart Routing

All the benefits and security of being in the corporate network, no performance penalty!

Risk Assessment

The Portal reports the risk grade depending of the user Internet usage and acts accordingly.


Through simple risk reports & insightful hints, the Portal is key at user education and behavioural change.

User Experience

Polished User Experience & Instantaneous app notification of any detected threats.


High level of cyber protection.

Simple enough to be used by all employees no matter the level of IT literacy.

Easiness of usage ensures higher compliance to security protocols.

Educates employees in a simplistic manner, meaningfully mitigating risk.

Suitable for all types and business sizes.

Allows for secure and flexible remote work access.


The Portal extends VPN technology to give the best experience to the user and seamless security.

Features Portal VPN
Endpoint Security
Access to ERP systems
Educates users
Polished User Experience
Threats detection
Risk assessment report
Battery drain
Slower Internet

The most vulnerable: small & medium size businesses (SMBs)

Cyber-attacks are a major global threat and over 70% of all cyber-attacks are targeted to SMBs. The weakest cyber security link for businesses - the employees!


Of SMBs are out of business within 6 mounth of being cyber attacked.


Of SMBs said employee negligence & low IT expertise N1 reason for cyber attacks.


Average cost of a cyber attack for SMBs in the US.


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Our team has years of experience in risk management systems, entrepreneurship and consumer devices. We have a deep understanding of security for Enterprises and have been hard at work to develop a user-friendly device that gives the same level of protection to every business, large or small.

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