Bringing the blockchain to life

We develop a more secure, faster and scalable blockchain solution for enterprises, based on
“Proof of Hardware” consensus, focusing on real world deployments.

Proof of Hardware

Proof Of Hardware is a new blockchain consensus algorithm executed inside secure enclaves.
High TPS

POH allows for high TPS, scaling alongside the amount of nodes in the network.

Stable and Predictable

Predictable and stable costs, giving visibility on total deployment costs from the get go.

No Mining, No Waste!

POH doesn’t require any mining, eliminating energy waste.

Fully secure

Truly secure Sensor to Blockchain pathway, assures full data security.


Fully adaptable. From NFC Tags to Internet servers.


Trustable from small private blockchains to global public blockchain. 

  • Vulnerable Sensor-> Blockchain Path: Devices are often not identified and secured. Data cannot be protected at the origin. The Path from the sensor to the blockchain is highly vulnerable.
  • Fine-tuning: Mining is expensive and damages the environment, wasting most of the energy used. Transaction cost and time are high & volatile, often varying from 0.1$ to 5$.
  • Constrained Scalability: Current solutions can’t handle easily large amounts of data collected.  Low transaction speed impedes wide application. Often unsuitable for enterprise deployment .


  • Full Security at all times: Fully Secure identification of device. Trustworthy Proof Origin of Data. Secure path to the Blockchain.

  • Predictable and Stable:
    No need for Mining. Stable transaction cost and time of execution, known from the get go.
  • Robust Scalability: High TPS. Simple on-boarding solution for new devices. Fast enterprise deployment. Easy transfer to POH without any loss of data.

A Blockchain For Real World Deployments

IoT Connectivity

Enabling secure, scalable and error free peer-to-peer connectivity for IoT devices by combining a Secure element and a distributed ledger!

No need for central authority
No need for backup
Secure sensor to blockchain path
Easy deployment on an IoT network


Enabling Enterprises to ensure high level of security, privacy, compliance and performance!

Established Trust & Fraud Prevention
Reliable & Scalable & Fully Secure
Easy and Fast File Transfer
Cost Effective: No need for mining


Our horizontal approach allows for our technology to be applied in many industries, such as:

Advertising and many more...

Meet the Team

Initially founded in Marseille, France, Aitivity started as a cyber security company. Winner of Startup Weekend Aix-Marseille in France in 2017, recently graduating from the number one US accelerator Angelpad (ranking by Forbes) in February 2019. An active exhibitor, both at CES and Viva TECH, Aitivity continues to push the borders of security and innovative technology.